Take Control of Your Emotional Health with YEHS!

by | Feb 22, 2022

AlbumHealth is pleased to announce the launch a behavior change program with an increased focus on emotional health to create better health outcomes – because healthy lifestyle changes cannot be sustained without robust emotional health. Participants will receive a powerful, yet simple approach to improved emotional health, and will have the ability to monitor it through one simple metric—YEHS, which stands for Your Emotional Health Score.

Starting with a simple emotional health assessment and measurement of diet quality, participants work with a dedicated health coach to build an emotional health plan to improve and monitor emotional health. Emotional Health Plans include emotional health digital tools and strategies shown to improve emotional health including nutrition, exercise, medicine and sleep. Strategies and assessed by YEHS, making emotional health simple and actionable! Additionally, in an employer setting, YEHS includes a 10-week emotional health challenge, which is similar to exercise, weight loss, and hydration challenges often deployed by employer groups.

Now is the time to bring simple and effective to your emotional health efforts! YEHS provides accessibility and inclusion to much needed resources to address the unfortunate and ever growing emotional health crisis we are all facing. According to the CDC, mental health and depression are the leading cause of disability in the US. They estimate that depression alone is the cause of 200 million lost workdays annually—at a $44 Billion lost productivity cost.

“The YEHS approach has a long history of proven results in clinical and commercial settings. When choosing the YEHS program, you are certain that you are bringing effectiveness, simplicity, and an innovative approach that changes the discussion around mental health through an important metric – YEHS.”

– Aaron Quinn, Ph.D.
CEO of AlbumHealth and Licensed Psychologist