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world mental health day
Oct 10 2023

Prioritizing Mental Wellness: A Guide for World Mental Health Day

Prioritizing Mental Wellness: A Guide for World...
Aug 31 2023

Back-to-School Mental Health Tips for Parents

The hustle and bustle of the back-to-school...
Aug 31 2023

Why YEHS? (Your Emotional Health Score)

Today, most people know that taking care of...
Mar 03 2022

Positioning Emotional Health to Drive Total Health—YEHS! is the Answer

Emotional health – how we process and react to...
Mar 01 2022

Where do most Digital Emotional Health Platforms Fall Short

Where do they fall short? Simple, yet extremely...
Feb 24 2022

Health Is A Mindset: Removing Emotional Barriers To Make Health Changes

Your Secret Weapon is……………YEHS! (Your Emotional...
Feb 23 2022

Why Emotional Health Is The Foundation Of Mental And Physical Health? Find Out with YEHS!

More and more physicians and healthcare...
Feb 22 2022

Take Control of Your Emotional Health with YEHS!

AlbumHealth is pleased to announce the launch a...
Nov 02 2021

Digital Lifestyle Coaching Company AlbumHealth Chooses Diet ID to Power its Nutrition Program

DETROIT, MI, USA, October 28, 2021...
Sep 06 2021

5 Powerful Mindfulness Techniques To Fight Chronic Disease (And Improve Your Emotional Health)

Practicing mindfulness meditation and exercises...

Meredith Corporation and AlbumHealth began working together in 2015, piloting an innovative solution focused on optimizing employee health and reducing/slowing medical spending. As an established leader in the health and wellness space, leaders at Meredith and AlbumHealth realized that the key to sustained health improvement and reduced/slowed medical spending was to create a simple, personalized solution for each employee that focused on behavior change and addressed all aspects of all aspects of health, including emotional well-being. Through a simple, personalized and “total health” approach, Meredith and Album believed that they would achieve optimal health, medical savings, strong engagement, and satisfied employees while simplifying and unifying health and risk-reduction strategies to one core solution (versus distinct solutions in disease management, health coaching, digital therapies, and engagement).

The white paper to the right briefly investigates the current state of health and medical spending, employer well-being, and health-based solutions, while primarily focusing on the AlbumHealth solution introduced at Meredith Corporation, results, and implications for employers and other risk-bearing entities.

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